Yes for Manchester!


The proposed project

Project Overview

What are the Main Academic Building Projects?

  • A new high school will be built, to house grades 9-12.  This will be co-funded by the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC).  This facility will include a 500-seat auditorium, a new competition gym, and have space for 425 students.
  • The current Manchester High School will be remodeled to accommodate pre-K through 5th grade.  The district administration offices will be relocated there as well.
  • The temporary buildings (trailers) at Manchester Middle School will be removed.
  • Nolley Elementary School will be razed.
  • The former Nimisila Intermediate School will be razed.

What are the main Non-Academic Building Projects?

  • Build a new multi-sport stadium for football, soccer, and track.
  • This will include new locker rooms, a new field house, restrooms, and ticket gates.
  • The facilities will also include new lights, a resurfacing of the track, and the installation of artificial turf surface.
  • Construct a new varsity baseball field.
  • Build a new facilities storage building for field equipment and district storage.
  • Additional black-top parking will be added at the new high school and at the refurbished old high school.

Where Will the Facilities be Located?

  • The new high school will be built on the space currently occupied by the MHS baseball field.
  • The new multi-sport stadium will be constructed on the site of the current soccer and track complex.
  • The new baseball field will be constructed on the site of the current Nolley building.

When Will the Construction Occur?

  • Portions of the existing high school remodel will begin almost immediately upon passage of the local bond issue.
  • After a 200-300 day design period, construction will begin on the new high school.
  • Construction of new athletic facilities will commence upon the completion of the school projects, and demolition of the existing elementary school.

Why is this so important?

The schools might look like they are in great shape, and MLSD students continue to exceed academic expectations.  But our district is facing many serious issues, such as:

  • Overcrowding at Nolley is currently 160 students over capacity.
  • MMS is currently 120 students over capacity.
  • Insufficient room for State mandated pre-K program.
  • Numerous building security concerns.
  • Climate systems are old and need replaced.
  • Technology is in need of modernization.
  • Operational systems are inefficient and costly.
  • Parking space at the elementary and high school is insufficient.