Yes for Manchester!



Manchester Schools and the OFCC

Fewer than 40 school districts in Ohio (out of 612 traditional school districts) have been unable to take advantage of OFCC funds to improve facilities.  

Manchester is one of those districts.  

*Map image, courtesy of the Columbus Dispatch, 

Bond Issue History

2009 Review - Issue #55


51.05% - No

48.95% - Yes

The State would fund a new Pre K-6 building ($19.7 million) if the community built a new Jr./Sr. High School. ($26.6 million).  $46.3 million total project.

The school system received $3.2 million in federal stimulus assistance.

(Federal monies have not been available since.) 

This reduced the total millage to build two new schools from 8.96 mills to

7.48 mills.

The actual November bond issue was 6.98 mills and an additional .5 mills required by the State for permanent improvement.

The cost per month for the building issue was reduced from $22 per month (8.96 mills) to $19 per month (7.48 mills) for a $100,000 home.

The cost per month would have actually been lower if the community accepted the bond issue. This is because additional stimulus money would be shared by the 38 statewide stimulus districts that passed their issues in November.  If the issue had passed, we projected the effective millage to be 5.45 mills or $13 per month for a $100,000 home.

2016 Review - Issue #5


50.11% - No

49.89% - Yes

Abate / Demo Nimisila School

Abate / Demo Nolley ES

Abate / Demo Manchester HS

Build New Nolley ES (Grades PreK-5 Renovate Manchester MS (Grades 6-8)

Build New High School (Grades 9-12) LFI’s (Maintenance Building & Athletic Field)

State Share (36%): $17,015,871

Local Share (64%): $30,250,437

LFI’s (100% Local): $336,000

Total Local Share: $30,586,437


Average home in New Franklin at the time - $114,000

• Based on County Auditor’s 2014 evaluation of the assessed value of home (not realtor’s asking price)

• 8.8 Mills for 36 years (includes ½ mill requirement) $29.65 / month

• Homestead Exemption

$22.24/month on $114,000 home 

2019 plan - Issue #8

Although Manchester was officially a "lapsed" district with the Ohio Facillities Construction Commission (OFCC), the district applied for, and was fortunate to be accepted into the process again. 

As with the previous plans, there is no guarantee that these funds will be available in the future.  This could be Manchester's last chance to get aid from the state for facilities.

This latest effort began over a year ago, with the Manchester School Board working closely with Dr. Robinson to get input from stakeholders and formulate a plan.

Meetings with the Administrative team were held to establish a direction and generate ideas.  Staff and teachers were surveyed, community meetings were held and the plans began to take shape.

The input received from all of these stakeholders led to the proposal we are putting on the ballot.  With the state now contributing 41% toward the new high school, this is the most opportune time to address facility needs in the district that include not only aging buildings, but safety concerns, accommodating pre-school needs, and making much needed improvements in the areas of performing arts and athletics, as well.